The Griffin team has the expertise to confidently steer you through the development process regardless of market stages. We have extensive experience with multiple development project types, which is an asset when determining the highest and best use for the land parcel. Our assembled team of professionals can analyze and design a project based on your preferences and at your preferred scale.

Griffin will prepare a clear and transparent fee schedule so you know what you get and how much you will pay at each stage of the process. If a project becomes untenable early in the process, you are not locked into further costs. If a development project comes to fruition, you receive a fair price for creating and formulating a highly successful endeavor.





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Can Griffin connect me with design professionals needed for the planning stages of a new development?

Griffin has extensive relationships with architects, civil engineers, landscape architects and interior designers. Griffin can help put together a design team catered to the type and location of the project.

Can Griffin help with the financial analysis and underwriting of a proposed project?

No matter the complexity of the project, Griffin can help assemble a financial package that will enable the customer to understand the viability of the project. This package will also have the depth and detail to present to investors and financial institutions to obtain any required financing.

Does Griffin have to be involved from the very beginning of the project design and conception?

Griffin can get involved at any stage of the development process. A client may need help conceptualizing the project and others may not need help until it is time to start performing the financial analysis of the project including budgeting construction costs. While Griffin brings the most value to a project being involved from the very beginning, it is not at all a requirement.

If Griffin is hired to help with the development analysis and project completion is Griffin required to also be the general contractor?

No. Griffin can assist in the planning and analysis stages and then step out of the project. Griffin can also serve as the owner’s representative during construction helping to monitor the progress and quality of construction.