Regardless of the size of your commercial construction project, it’s a significant investment of time and money. You must decide where, when, how, and what to build. From small businesses to large, the choices are significant to your company’s growth and reputation. That’s why you must find a construction builder who has years of experience leading the charge and tending to your specific industry’s needs.

Griffin is the area’s most reliable and knowledgeable builder. We know the choices can appear intimidating. That’s why Griffin has a simplified process that helps us effectively manage projects for every client. Getting your commercial building completed promptly means you get to do what you do best—faster.

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Do I need an architect?

In most cases, we suggest using an architect. Most construction work requires a permit from the local municipality and the permit application almost always requires the submittal of a plan. Professional plans allow us to give our customers the most accurate pricing possible. Good plans also help customers to know if they are receiving honest bids when interviewing multiple contractors. We have worked with many architects in the area and can make recommendations for individuals and firms that would be a good fit for your project.

Is Griffin a fixed price or cost plus builder?

We contract our work in multiple ways depending on the project and needs or our customers. No matter what type of contract we use, our policy is to work in an open book, transparent manner. Even in fixed-price contracts, we share our cost and profit information with our customers. Not only is this a more pleasant way to do business but it enables us to see the inner workings of your budget and to arrive at a final cost and scope that best meets your needs.

Do you perform the work yourself or use subcontractors?

That depends on the project. Griffin maintains a workforce of laborers and carpenters to help perform certain aspects of projects and to fill in the gaps between subcontractors. We utilized subcontractors for all major trades and most large categories like roofing and framing. Over the years we have developed outstanding relationships with subcontractors and have a diverse team to choose from depending on the specific job. We match our workforce to the project and customer to create the best team at the right budget, every time. Our subcontractors understand our expectations and are dedicated to our philosophy of customer satisfaction.

How do you manage communication with your customers?

We have weekly job site meetings with our customers and their design professionals. We also utilize a daily reporting application that sends reports as well as picture updates and daily weather information. Our project manager submits this report to the customer and other design professionals so they can be kept up to date.

How do you manage scheduling?

We use Microsoft Project to create and manage detailed schedules in both list and critical path format. These schedules are updated and reviewed regularly to keep the customer informed and our crew scheduled ahead.

What is your licensing level?

Griffin has an unlimited building license in North Carolina.

How do you handle change orders?

We handle changes orders in the same transparent fashion as our contract budgets. No elaborate ruse, just actual costs with the same markup used in the base contract. We believe that change orders should be charged the same rate as the rest of our work.